Your empire is your company

When we were kids, we love playing strategy games like kids always do. we either stock resources to the roof of the house, or spend all resources into building forces and send them away as soon as we can without any sound plans. As we grow up and suppose we learn about business management, then maybe strategy games should be played now in a different way.

1. Cash flow | Resources
Cashflow is essential to a business, so are resources. I mean resources can be expressed in various forms among different games: gold, rock, lumber, money, Saiyan energy … but in the end, they’re like the bloodlines of the game body. So:

  • Don’t stock resources anymore. Burn them as soon as you can get them into building/creating something. Unlike real money, they DON’T generate any interests at all (cause there are no banks in your game). Try to make sure every single unit of resources is put into working as soon as possible.
  • Channel them all and have some basic strategies against your enemies. If he tends to be offensive, then maybe you’ll put your resources into building defensive structures. If he loves to build and stock, then harass him without mercy. Whatever strategy you choose, the way you spend your resources will best reflect that.
Your empire is your company. (Source)

Your empire is your company. (Source)

2. Units : Human resources
In many strategy games, as in Age Of Empire, Warcraft, Starcraft, Red Alert etc, we don’t have to pay wages for the forces we take. Though some restriction have been constructed to prevent us from building a North Korean army. In Warcraft, there are upkeep penalties for maintaining large forces, or in the Total War series, high wages are the reason why you’ll never want to keep your army idle unless in case of defense. In summary, keeping a large forces might not be so visibly affect your winning ratio.

Yet in fact, it does. Just like in business, every single unit aka employee MUST have a clear mission/job description, ie Peasants are born to build/harvest and since they don’t eat in the game, we are supposed to make them busy most of the time. Soldiers are trained for fighting, since they can’t participate in economic endeavors like real life soldiers do, they must go to war and gain experience (or die), again, unless you’re expecting an attack from the enemies. Remember: Job Description!

3. Game Tactics : Project Management
This is so far the most funny and helpful fact I learn from business management. Imagine, in managing projects, you have long Gant charts with dates, milestones, and long dotted lines. So are your games. Make sure all operations are happening at the same time as much as possible. Usually, we all are conscious of this matter. But early players might be unfamiliar with the game settings and forget to make things this way. Anyhow, we’ll learn it as we play along.

Enjoy your game!


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